Only some of my recent publications (since 2015) are listed below.
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  • 2021

Conductance Switching of Azobenzene-Based Self-Assembled Monolayers on Cobalt Probed by UHV Conductive-AFM.
L. Thomas, I. Arbouch, D. Guerin, X. Wallart, C van Dyck, T. Melin, J. Cornil, D. Vuillaume & S. Lenfant.  Submitted

Thermal conductivity of benzothieno-benzothiophene derivatives at the nanoscale.
M. N. Gueye, A. Vercouter, R. Jouclas, D. Guérin, V. Lemaur, G. Schweicherc, S. Lenfant, 
A. Antidormi, Y. Geerts, C. Melis, 
J. Cornil & D. Vuillaume. Submitted

  • 2020

Covalent Grafting of Polyoxometalate Hybrids onto Flat Silicon/Silicon Oxide: Insigths from POMs Layers on Oxides.
M. Laurans, K. Trinh K. Dalla Francesca, G. Izzet, S. Alves, E. Derat, V. Humblot, O. Pluchery, D. Vuillaume, S. Lenfant, F. Volatron, A. Proust. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12, 48109−48123 (2020). link

Long-Range Electron Transport in Prussian Blue Analog Nanocrystals.
R. Bonnet, S. Lenfant, S. Mazérat, T. Mallah & D. Vuillaume. Nanoscale 12, 20374–20385 (2020). link

Conductance switching at the nanoscale of diarylethene derivatives self-assembled monolayers on La0.7Sr0.3MnO3.
L. Thomas, D. Guérin, B. Quinard, E. Jacquet, R. Mattana, P. Seneor, 
D. Vuillaume, T. Mélin & S. Lenfant. Nanoscale 12, 8268-8276 (2020). link

Electrical molecular switch addressed by chemical stimuli.
H. Audi,  Y. Viero, N. Alwhaibi, Z. Chen, M. Iazykov, A. Heynderickx, F. Xiao, D. Guérin, C Krzeminski, I.M. Grace, C.J. Lambert, O. Siri, D. Vuillaume, S. Lenfant & H. Klein. Nanoscale 12, 10127-10139, (2020). link

Photocurrent deviation from linearity in an organic photodetector due to limited hole transport layer conductivity.
J. Euvrard, A. Revaux, A. Kahn & D. Vuilllaume. Organic Electron. 76, 105450 (2020). link

  • 2019

Molecular electronics: from single-molecule to large-area devices.
D. Vuillaume. ChemPlusChem 84, 1215-1221 (2019). link

Physical mechanisms involved in the formation and operation of memory devices based on a monolayer of gold nanoparticles-polythiophene hybrid materials.
T. Zhang, D. Guérin, F. Alibart, D. Troadec, D. Hourlier, G. Patriarche, A. Yassin, M. Oçafrain, P. Blanchard, J. Roncali, D. Vuillaume, K. Lmimouni & S. Lenfant. Nanoscale Adv., 1, 2718-2726 (2019). link

The non-ideal organic electrochemical transistors impedance.
S. Pecqueur, I. Loncaric, V. Zlatic, D. Vuillaume & Z. Crljen. Organic Electronics 71, 14-23 (2019). link

On a generic theory of the organic electrochemical transistor dynamics.
V. Athanasiou, S. Pecqueur, D. Vuillaume & Z. Konkoli. Organic Electronics 72, 39-49 (2019). link

Electron transport through self-assembled monolayers of tripeptides.
E. Mervinetsky, I. Alshanski, S. Lenfant, D. Guerin, L. Medrano Sandonas, A. Dianat, R. Gutierrez, G. Cuniberti, M. Hurevich, S. Yitzchaik & D. Vuillaume. J. Phys. Chem. C .123 (14), 9600–9608 (2019). link

Charge transport through redox active [H7P8W48O184]33- polyoxometalates self-assembled onto gold surfaces and gold nanodots.
K. Dalla Francesca, S. Lenfant, M. Laurans, F. Volatron, G. Izzet, V. Humblot, C. Methivier, D. Guerin, A. Proust & D. Vuillaume. Nanoscale 11, 1863-1878 (2019). link

  • 2018

Electrical detection of plasmon-induced isomerization in molecule-nanoparticle network devices.
D.Stiévenard, D. Guérin, S. Lenfant, G. Lévêque, C.A. Nijhuis & D.Vuillaume.  Nanoscale 10, 23122 – 23130 (2018). link

Perspective : Organic electronic materials and devices for neuromorphic engineering.
S. Pecqueur, D. Vuillaume & F. Alibart. J. Appl. Phys. 124, 151902 (2018). link

Molecular Signature of Polyoxometalates in Electron Transport of Silicon-based Molecular Junctions.
M. Laurans, K. Dalla Francesca, F. Volatron, G. Izzet, D. Guerin, D. Vuillaume, S. Lenfant & A. Proust. Nanoscale 10, 17156-17165 (2018). link

Light-stimulatable molecules/nanoparticles networks for switchable logical functions and reservoir computing.
Y. Viero, D. Guérin, A. Vladyka, F. Alibart, S. Lenfant, M. Calame & D. Vuillaume. Adv. Func. Mater. 28, 1801506 (2018). link

Neuromorphic time-dependent pattern classification with organic electrochemical transistor arrays.
S. Pecqueur, M. Mastropasqua Talamo, D. Guérin, P. Blanchard,  J. Roncali, D. Vuillaume & F. Alibart. Adv. Electron. Mater. 4, 1800166 (2018). link

Toward a better understanding of the doping mechanism involved in Mo(tfd-COCF3)3 doped PBDTTT-c.
J. Euvrard, A. Revaux, S. S. Nobre, A. Kahn & D. Vuillaume. J. Appl. Phys. 123, 225501 (2018). link

Cation Discrimination in Organic Electrochemical Transistors by Dual Frequency Sensing.
S. Pecqueur, D. Guérin, D. Vuillaume & F. Alibart. Org. Electron. 57, 232-238 (2018). link

Impact of Unintentional Oxygen Doping on Organic Photodetectors.
J. Euvrard, A. Revaux, A. Cantarano, S. Jacob, A. Kahn & D. Vuillaume. Org. Electron. 54, 64-71 (2018). link

The Formation of polymer-dopant aggregates as a possible origin of limited doping efficiency at high dopant concentration.
J. Euvrard, A. Revaux, P.-A. Bayle, M. Bardet, D. Vuillaume & A. Kahn. Org. Electron. 53, 135-140 (2018). link

  • 2017

Probing the frontier orbital energies of Co9(P2W15)3 polyoxometalate clusters at molecule-metal and molecule-water interfaces.
X. Yi, N. V. Izarova, M. Stuckart, D. Guérin, L. Thomas, S. Lenfant, D. Vuillaume, J. van Leusen, T. Duchoň, S. Nemšák, S. D. M. Bourone, S. Schmitz & P. Kögerler. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 139, 14501-14510 (2017). link

New photomechanical molecular switch based on a linear π-conjugated system.
S. Lenfant,  Y. Viero, C. Krzeminski,  D. Vuillaume, D. Demeter, I. Dobra, M. Oçafrain, P. Blanchard, J. Roncali, C. van Dyck & J. Cornil. J. Phys. Chem. C , 121, 12416-12425 (2017). link

Liquid-Gated Organic Electronic Devices Based on High-Performance Solution-Processed Molecular Semiconductor.
M. Di Lauro, M. Berto, M. Giordani, S. Benaglia, G. Schweicher, D. Vuillaume, C. A. Bortolotti, Y. H. Geerts & F. Biscarini. Adv. Electron. Mater.,  3, 1700159 (2017). link

Negative Differential Resistance, Memory and Reconfigurable Logic Functions Based on Monolayer Devices Derived From Gold Nanoparticles Functionalized with Electropolymerizable TEDOT Units.
T. Zhang, D. Guerin, F. Alibart, D. Vuillaume, K. Lmimouni, S. Lenfant, A. Yassin, M. Ocafrain, P. Blanchard, & J. Roncali. J. Phys. Chem. C , 121, 10131-10139 (2017). link

Estimation of 𝜋-𝜋 electronic couplings from current histograms.
J. Trasobares, J. Rech, C. Walh, T. Jonckeere, T. Martin, O. Aleveque, E. Levillain, V. Diez-Cabanes, Y. Olivier, J. Cornil, J.P NYS, R. Sivakumarasamy, K. Smaali, P. Leclere, A. Fujiware, D. Theron, D. Vuillaume & N. Clément. Nano Letters, 17, 3215-3224 (2017). link

Concentric-electrode organic electrochemical transistors: case study for selective hydrazine sensing.
S. Pecqueur, S. Lenfant, D. Guérin, F. Alibart & D. Vuillaume. Sensors 17, 570 (2017). link

  • 2016

P-doped organic semiconductor: potential replacement for PEDOT:PSS in organic photodetectors.
J. Herbbach, A. Revaux, D. Vuillaume & A.Kahn. Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 073301 (2016). link

A 17GHz molecular rectifier.
J. Trasobares, D. Vuillaume, D. Theron & N. Clement. Nature Comm. 7, 12850 (2016). link

Electrolyte-gated organic synapse transistor interfaced with neurons.
S. Desbief, M. di Lauro, S. Casalini, D. Guerin, S. Tortorella, M. Barbalinardo, A. Kyndiah, M. Murgia, T. Cramer, F. Biscarini & D. Vuillaume. Org. Electron. 38, 21-28 (2016). (link here)

Physical Study by Surface Characterizations of Sarin Sensor on the Basis of Chemically Functionalized Silicon Nanoribbon Field Effect Transistor.
K. Smaali, D. Guérin, V. Passi, L. Ordronneau, A. Carella, T. Mélin, E. Dubois, D. Vuillaume, J.P. Simonato & S. Lenfant. J. Phys. Chem. C 120, 11180-11191 (2016). (link here)

High Mobility Flexible Amorphous IGZO Thin-Film Transistors with a Low Thermal Budget Ultra-Violet Pulsed Light Process.
M. Benwadih, R. Coppard, K. Bonrad, A. Klyszcz & D. Vuillaume. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8, 34513–34519 (2016). (link here)

  • 2015

High conductance ratio in molecular optical switching of functionalized nanoparticle self-assembled nanodevices.
Y. Viero, G. Copie, D. Guerin, C. Krzeminski, D. Vuillaume, S. Lenfant, F. Cleri. J. Phys. Chem. C 119, 21173-21183 (2015). (link here)

Influence of Molecular Organization on the Electrical Characteristics of π-Conjugated Self-Assembled Monolayers.
X. Lefevre, F. Moggia, O. Segut, Y.-P. Lin, Y. Ksari, G. Delafosse, K. Smaali, D. Guerin, V. Derycke, D. Vuillaume, S. Lenfant, L. Patrone & B. Jousselme. J. Phys. Chem. C, 119, 5703-5713 (2015). (link here).

Low voltage and time constant organic synapse-transistor.
S. Desbief, A. Kyndiah, D. Guerin, D. Gentili, M. Murgia, S. Lenfant, F. Alibart, T. Cramer, F. Biscarini & D. Vuillaume. Organic Electronics 21, 47-53 (2015). (link here)

On the Mechanical and Electronic properties of thiolated Gold Nanocrystals.
K. Smaali, S. Desbief, G. Fotti, T. Frederiksen, D. Sanchez-Portal, A. Arnau, J.P. Nys, P. Leclère, D. Vuillaume & N. Clément. Nanoscale 7, 1809-1819 (2015). (link here)

Non-Arrhenius conduction due to the interface-trap-induced disorder in X-doped amorphous InXZnO thin-film transistors.
M. Benwadih, J.A. Chroboczek, G. Ghibaudo, R. Coppard & D. Vuillaume. J. Appl. Phys. 117, 055707 (2015). (link here)

Filamentary switching: synaptic plasticity through device volatility.
S. La Barbera, D. Vuillaume & F. Alibart. ACS Nano 9, 941–949 (2015). (link here)