Thermoelectric properties of molecular nanostructures

We recently started using the SThM (scanning thermal microscope) technique to measure the thermal conductivity of various molecular nanosctructures, self-assembled monolayers and organic thin films. We aim to provide a better fundamental understanding of these thermoelectronic properties at the nanoscale, e.g. the role of molecular structures, quantum interference in molecules, molecule/electrode interfaces,…

Work in progress, more to come.

Main coll. : A. Carella, R. Demadrille (CEA, Grenoble), Y. Geerts (Univ. Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium), J. Cornil (LCMN, U. Mons, Belgium), K. Costuas, S. Rigaut (ISCR, CNRS, U. Rennes), E. Scheer (U. Konstanz, Germany).