Molecular nanostructures

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I am mainly interested in the study of various molecular nanostructures and devices made of  functional molecules (photoswitch, redox, magnetic,…) and 2D materials. I focus on their electronic properties at the nanoscale with the aim to contribute to the fundamental understandings of these systems. Characterization tools to study electron, spin and heat transport properties include various scanning probe microscopes  (C-AFM, EFM, STM, SThM, SMM,…) as well as macroscopic soft electrical contact techniques on self-assembled monolayers (Hg, eGaIn contacts). Recent main results include:
– first demonstration of a molecular diode operating at 17 GHz (using interferometric scanning microwave microscope)
– role and determination of the π-π intermolecular interaction energies in molecular junctions
– electron transport in molecular devices based on polyoxometalates, peptides, molecular switches (optical, ion,…), Prussian blue analog, and on various electrode materials (Si, metal, ferromagnet).
– thermal transport at the nanoscale (SThM : scanning thermal microscope) of molecular nanostructures made of BTBT derivatives and other molecules.

Some relevant publications (see more in the publication section):

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